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    Center Planning March Meeting 

    Center Planning and Development Council
    Tuesday, March 26, 2019
    7:00 pm
    Trailside Center, 9901 Holmes Road, KCMO 64131


    Jason Klumb, attorney for Center Point, Bannister Transformation and Developmment LLC, will provide an update on the progress in transforming the former Bannister Federal Complex.

    Joe Blankenship, 5th District long-range planner, will tell us about projected development areas along Bannister Road from Holmes Road east to Lydia Avenue, including the former Bannister Federal Complex. He will present the Red Bridge Area Plan suggestions for that area.

    Vickie Wolgast, president of the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, will share business ideas about the Bannister corridor. This area presents an opportunity for economic growth, and some would like to see an improved, viable corridor. What are your ideas on how to transform the area? This is a time when business and residents can work together to upgrade the area. Please come to the meeting with your ideas.

    Update on the proposed used car lot at 701 E Bannister Rd on the southeast corner.

    Meet the candidates for the Center School District. The candidates have been invited to tell us who they are and why they are running for the board positions. The candidates are, for one-year terms: Stephen G. Stricklin, Johnathan Decker, and Danielle Charise Quinn. For three-tear terms: Ronald Fritz, Beverly Cunningham, Cecelia M Bell, and Sammy (Sam) Cook. The election will be held on Tuesday, April 2nd.

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    SCC March Meeting 

    Southern Communities Coalition Meeting

    Wednesday, March 20, 2019, 7:00 P.M.
    South Kansas City Patrol Station
    9701 Marion Park Drive
    Kansas City, MO 64137

    Guest Speakers:

    Mr. Troy Schulte, City Manager
    Ms. Geri Haile, branch manager, Mid-Continent Public Library, 9253 Blue Ridge Blvd.
    Update on programs, etc.
    Ms. Kim Chalmers, St. Joseph Community Liaison of The Senior Care Service Line
    New programs at the hospital


    If schools are closed, the meeting will be cancelled.

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    Something’s Fishy, or I’m Crazy 

    In the continuing saga of school closings in Hickman Mills, there will be a board meeting tonight to hear the superintendent’s recommendations. Probably not many people are aware of the meeting. At last week’s board meeting it was stated that a decision will be made this Thursday at the regular meeting, but nothing was said about tonight’s meeting. Are they trying to keep the public in the dark?

    If you go to the district website, which can prove difficult to navigate, you can find tonight’s meeting listed. A perusal of the agenda will take you to a PowerPoint the superintendent apparently intends to make, but there’s something fishy about it. If you look at the budgets for this year and the next three, you’ll find the bottom line is about $2.5M short. Why would that be? Have the board members actually checked the figures or are they taking someone’s word?

    Further, the preliminary budget the board approved on June 21, 2018 for the 2018-2019 school year shows a beginning fund balance of $9,844,549.43 and an ending balance of $10,785,563.79. The Superintendent’s proposal, however, begins what is budgeted for 2018-2019 with only $6,552,460.45 and ends with $7,720,007.64. Perhaps that difference has to do with the amount the school district lost with the discrepancy in Cerner’s taxes; but if you take a closer look at the 3 year budget projections shown to the board at that June meeting, those numbers don’t seem to add up either.

    Not being an accountant, or even finding large numbers to be especially friendly, I can end up thinking I’m going insane as I add and subtract such large figures; so that could be one explanation for what I believe to be discrepancies. I also tend to the paranoid side, so another explanation could be that someone is trying to hide something. Right now I’m leaning toward the latter.

    The board’s goal is to cut $5.5M. The $2.5M missing in the superintendent’s proposal is almost half way there, so maybe three schools don’t need to be closed. One has to wonder if the superintendent is more concerned with what is best for the children she’s responsible for and for the community, or having large fund balances. There simply has to be more to this story and it’s not being shared with the public and possibly/probably not the board of education.

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    Rude v. Inviting 

    Last Thursday, the Hickman Mills Board of Education held its regular February meeting. Because it has been ages since I’ve attended one, I thought I’d go, and especially because they were to discuss school closings.

    There was discussion between a couple of board members about what is being done to attract new families. Part of the answer had been right in front of their faces; yet, they didn’t even see it.

    To begin with—a first for this district—patrons had to sign in with name, address, and telephone number along with their topic in order to speak to the Board. The President asked those wishing to speak to keep their comments to two minutes since the agenda was rather long. Because the President, in consultation with the Superintendent, sets the agenda, it seems like the length could have been addressed at the time of actually setting the agenda; however, I digress. Not only were patrons asked to keep their comments short, but a large screen with a countdown clock started counting down two minutes, when each commenter reached the podium.

    Another first for this district: there are no comments allowed after the meeting, so there is no opportunity to give the Board feedback or ask a question about anything that was discussed.

    In the past, patrons have simply raised their hands and waited to be called on under an agenda item titled “audience input on agenda items” for comments at the beginning and “audience input/questions” for input/questions at the end of the meeting. While patrons were asked to keep their comments to three minutes, there was no giant clock reminding them of the number of seconds left.

    This lack of willingness to hear from the public and the indirect intimidation also seems counter to the KC Star’s reporting that “board members said they will consider the community concerns as they study the proposals.”

    The Board also seems to have agreed to a timed agenda and according to Thursday’s agenda, discussion of school closings was to begin at 6:40; yet it was closer to 8:30 before the consultant began speaking. This agenda item was almost last, followed only by committee reports (3) and informational items.

    My bet would be that most of the audience was there to hear about the school closing proposals; yet, the board president chose to put this item at the end and didn’t allow proper timing for the other items. This again, was not fair to those with their own personal timing schedules/issues who may have needed to leave early or might have arrived later.

    All in all, this Board is totally rude to its constituents; yet, can’t understand why people either leave or don’t move in. While this may seem like a small detail compared to test scores, economic issues, etc., it can have a strong psychological impact.

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    February Center Planning Meeting 

    Center Planning and Development Council
    Tuesday, February 26, 2019
    7:00 pm
    Trailside Center, 9901 Holmes Road, KCMO 64131


    12309 State Line Rd. Chris Bell and Chris Herre of Rose Design Group representing the owners of Peter’s Clothiers, will present plans for an addition to their 9,000 square-foot building. The building will remain a retail operation with the expansion for storage of their product lines. Existing zoning is B1-1 and R7.5. They are proposing to rezone 2/3 of the total development to B3. The remaining 1/3 will remain R7.5.

    1014 W. 103rd St. (former Berbiglia building) Mike White, attorney, and Bill George, developer, for WHC Worldwide, LLC/Silver Lining Motors will present plans for a development plan to redevelop the property as a used car lot. There will be no change in zoning.

    104th and Wornall Rd. Drew Trotter from Miller Commerce will present plans for a gated community. There will be 29 single family homes for persons 55 and older. They will be leased rather than owned. The zoning will remain the same. It will be an amendment to the residential plan. It will be called Tera Vera Wornall.
    [Plans for the project have been withdrawn.]

    All the above developments are scheduled before the City Plan Commission for Tuesday March 5, 2019.


    The League of Woman Voters is sponsoring a forum for candidates for the Center School Board on Tuesday, February 26th at 6:30pm at the Center High School cafeteria. There are 7 candidates running for two positions. Unfortunately this is the same evening as our Center Planning meeting, but could not be avoided.

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    February SCC Meeting Agenda 

    Southern Communities Coalition Meeting

    Wednesday, February 20, 2019, 7:00 P.M.
    South Kansas City Patrol Station
    9701 Marion Park Drive
    Kansas City, MO 64137

    Guest Speakers:

    Troy Schulte, City Manager
    Jeff Pinkerton, Senior Researcher, (Economist) with the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)
    Jason Klumb, Update on the former Bannister Federal Complex

    If schools are closed, meeting will be cancelled.

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    Poor Leadership in Hickman Mills? 

    Due to some external factors and some mismanagement (School Board Member Luther Chandler stated at last year’s forum there had been some mismanagement of bond funds due to a change in superintendents), Hickman Mills has found itself in a bit of a budget crunch.  You could probably also include a board with no sense of district history and doesn’t understand who is in charge of the district and its finances as additional factors.

    Earlier in the school year, the Hickman Mills School Board voted that all board members should go to the national  school boards convention.  That’s great for networking and hearing new ideas.  The problem is, nothing from these conventions gets implemented back in the school district; so what’s the point?  Many years ago no school board members went to the national meeting because the district budget was in dire straits.  Maybe the current board members should take a lesson.

    One of the budget cutting proposals is to cut staff and board travel by $20,000; yet, building and district supplies is proposed to be cut $300,000.  This second item has a direct impact on students.  Board travel does not; so It seems, if the Board had its priorities straight, it would forgo this year’s flight to Philadelphia, plus the cost of registration, hotel rooms, and meals.  Board travel should be cut by much more.

    The school district is also looking to close 4 elementary schools for the coming school year.  Looking at it from a business perspective, that would save a lot of money.  Looking at it from a humane perspective, that is going to put a lot of personnel out of work all at once.  The school board’s final decision will “likely be February 21”.  Once the board decides which buildings to close, the administration can get down to working out which staff will be laid off.  The problem with that is that school districts are currently in the process of staffing for next year and will likely have the majority of hiring completed before Hickman Mills staff has a chance to send out resumes.

    According to Superintendent Cargile, the board has set a goal of having 15% fund balances for the school district.  That is a lofty goal and probably worth pursuing; however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be reached in one year.  Recommendations have been made to cut the budget.  Perhaps some of those cuts could be revisited (i.e. travel) and notice given for schools to close the following year.  That would give staff time to find new jobs and for parents and students to adjust to whatever their new school and busing route might be.

    Another consideration should be the Buildings and Grounds Department.  It has been located on Martha Truman Road (basically in the middle of nowhere) for many years.  While the public was told the consultants hired by the district to figure out the budget mess would look at all facilities, there is no mention of the buildings and grounds facility in their report on the district website.  The department should be more centrally located (perhaps in one of the schools to be closed?) and the land sold.  This recommendation was actually made almost 10 years ago; yet, nothing has been done.  At one time Grandview was interested in buying the property; perhaps they still are.

    We also don’t know how many administrators have/are going to be cut.  With so many fewer students, surely fewer administrators are needed.  Those salaries alone would go a long way toward fixing the budget deficit.  No word if, as in some years past, administrators are going to take a salary freeze.

    Another obvious suggestion (aside from counting chickens before they’re hatched) would be to stop hiring consultants to do the work administration, board, and community leaders once did by gathering the information and working together collaboratively to find solutions.

    • Leticia 12:55 pm on February 15, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Things not directly affecting students should be cut more, unlike what’s actually happening. Plus, their budget figures combine school staff and school board. The two should have been separated, and the board should have set an example.


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    January Center Planning Meeting 

    Center Planning and Development Council
    Tuesday, January 29, 2019
    7:00 pm
    Trailside Center, 9901 Holmes Road, KCMO 64131


    1) Mark Griffin with the KC Water Department will talk about the water main replacement project in the area of Ward Parkway to Main Street and 85th Street to Western Hills Drive. Work is beginning in January 2019 and concluding approximately July 2019.
    2) Page and Kerry Burns, new owners of the Crossfit facility at 611 E. 99th St. will tell us about their gym and fitness center. They are remodeling the Charles D. Jones building in the Holmeswood shopping area on the south side of 99th and Holmes.
    3) Merrell Bennekin, co-chair of the Campaign Committee for the Center School District will give us information on the bond proposal for facility improvements. Dr. Sharon Nibbelink, superintendent, will be present to answer questions. This issue will be on the April 2nd ballot.
    Also on the ballot will be the election of Center School Board candidates. There will be four candidates for 2 three-year terms and three candidates for 1 one-year term. We understand the League of Women Voters will have a candidate forum in the near future.


    The City will be picking up limbs from tree damage during the week of January 28th. To be sure your tree limbs will be picked up, call 311 to give your location.

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    No Meetings This Month 

    Both the Southern Communities Coalition (SCC) and the Center Planning and Development Council have cancelled their November meetings. And, as usual, there will be no meetings in December.

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    October Center Planning Meeting 

    Center Planning and Development Council

    Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 7:00 P.M.

    Trailside Center, 9901 Holmes Road, KCMO 64131


    Aaron Whitehead, our KCPD Community Interaction Officer, will provide a crime report for our area.

    Jason Cooley, KCPD Community Initiative Officer, will give us an update on the progress of the “Roadway Safety Ordinance for Pedestrians and Motorists.” It is ordinance #180619 and is about people asking for money at our intersections.

    Jason Klumb, attorney for Center Point, will give us an update on the former Bannister Federal Complex.

    John Sharp, former City Council person, will give an update on the liquor card issue.


    The applicant for the proposed used car lot on the SE corner of Holmes and Bannister Rd  (701 E. Bannister Rd) is moving ahead with plans to gain City approval. There will be a pubic hearing before the City Plan Commission on Tuesday, Nov. 6th at City Hall, 26th floor at 9 A.M. Let your concerns be heard on Nov 6th and contact your Council person. The staff planner is Chris Hughley, 513-8817.

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