The Shaws

I was having a fairly decent Saturday and reading the “Martin City Telegraph” when I came across the following quote from everyone’s favorite Public Works Director. At a meeting Michael Shaw was asked about the possibility of Blue River Road being open to vehicular traffic once again. His response was that it “simply couldn’t be justified for the relatively low traffic in the area”. I’m not sure what traffic he’s referring to since the road has been closed since 2010. Traffic counts were done at Red Bridge and at 87th Street in 2018, but since Blue River Road had been closed for 8 years…..

He did also once say Blue River Road isn’t actually needed since obviously people have found their way around without it. What!!!? Of course they have – out of necessity. The same statement could be made about any road. This is a public works director who not only doesn’t have an engineering degree, but doesn’t seem to have much common sense either.

When the city says it can’t fund something or something is too expensive to fund, It’s all really a matter of priorities and Hickman Mills doesn’t seem to be high on anyone’s list. According to the “Martin City Telegraph” the city can afford to “spend upwards of $5.4 million for 162,000 recycling carts with lids” and some sort of RFID chip specifically assigned to each house, because according to Shaw, there is a large problem with “stolen, damaged, or wind-blown” bins. The city also seems to be considering spending another $17 million for trash carts.

Bottom line: Shaw can convince the city to spend close to $25 million on trash and recycling receptacles but it’s too expensive to reopen Blue River Road.

On another related front:

Often at meetings held by his wife, Councilwoman Ryanna Parks-Shaw, you hear her make the comment that she knows the Hickman Mills area because she grew up out here. Well, a lot of things have changed and she doesn’t live here any longer, does she? Anyway, back to the point. The Hickman Mills area west of Blue Ridge Boulevard had four north-south through streets: Blue River Road, Grandview Road ( long and curvy drive through the country), Hillcrest Road, and Blue Ridge Boulevard (not technically a boulevard). As stated, parts of Blue River Road fell in and Mr. Shaw refuses to do anything about it. Then the City gave Hillcrest Road to Cerner, making it a private road. When it was made public that Oracle would be buying Cerner, Ms. Shaw was asked if she would talk to Oracle about giving the road back to the city (community) and she said she would look into it. It’s been well over a year now since she said that and we haven’t heard anything more.

As an aside, Shaw said the recycle bins will be yellow. That means now instead of looking at dark colored bins sitting out days after pickup day, we get to look an even greater eyesore. Thanks Mr. Shaw; way to use that common sense. Oh, wait……