What is a Southland Sucker?

A Southland Sucker is anyone who votes for candidates who are endorsed by Southland Progress, the PAC (political action committee), which is the brainchild of John Sharp. In the August 2nd primary, longtime South Kansas City resident and activist Geoff Gerling was not endorsed by this PAC. Mr. Gerling was a board member and chair of the legislative committee of South Kansas City Alliance, a political group which was also the brainchild of Mr. Sharp. When it came time to support a lifelong South Kansas City resident, Mr. Sharp’s PAC failed to support “the most knowledgeable and qualified candidate” (from Mr. Gerling’s mailer) Instead, it was decided to support someone from downtown.

Mr. Gerling learned a hard lesson: Mr. Sharp appears to support his own interests, not those of his community. That lesson was also learned by Annette Turnbaugh in Grandview. She is a veteran state representative and alderwoman for the City of Grandview; yet, in the August primary, Southland Progress supported a total new comer—someone who has not previously been involved in politics. A green mind is easily shaped.