Climate Award My Foot

Just got another campaign email from the Lucas campaign. This one is touting the fact that our mayor has won the 2022 Mayors Climate Award from the U.S. Conference of Mayors. It’s for his “groundbreaking Zero Fare Zero Emissions Transit Initiative”. That’s so nice.

I’m guessing they don’t know anything about his plan to raze buildings to build a downtown ballpark that will have tons of asphalt and yards of concrete, both of which have tremendously negative impacts on the environment.

To quote just one source, “Concrete buildings, asphalt paved roads radiating accumulated heat throughout the night, and lack of trees contribute to the making of scorching cities.” Obviously the parking lot will have no trees. We wouldn’t want to take space that could otherwise bring in money.

Other issues this mayor, and the public works department (which is hell bent on widening all roads possible so more cars can move faster), don’t seem to take into account are:

  1. the fact that asphalt and concrete both deplete resources and use a considerable amount of energy to produce
  2. they pollute area waterways because water that flows over them is exposed to pollutants and surface debris and that water then ends up in the city’s sewage networks which empty into lakes, rivers, and streams polluting them.
  3. during the process of producing each of these, harmful gases are released into the atmosphere

So the mayor and his campaign can tout this political award all they want. Many of us know it’s laughable.