Redistricting – A Political Sham

I think I’ve attended most of the redistricting meetings, if Zoom is considered attending. There’s been a lot of talk talk talk that doesn’t really seem to say anything. Mostly it seems to be from the First and Fifth Districts. Oh, and of course the Fourth since the Plaza became involved.

Over and over I’ve heard “one man, one vote” and the need to keep areas with the same socioeconomic issues together. Of course that doesn’t seem to apply evenly. I’ve heard the people in the northland say they want the First and Second Districts divided horizontally rather than the usual vertical split; yet, one of their “representatives” seemed to pooh pooh the idea saying it would only make things more difficult. I’ve heard the people in Hickman Mills try to explain that they are a community – a community that has been split between two districts for the last 10 years and deserves to be united. The response to that is simply “we can’t make it work”.

Many of the issues of these two groups are alike. They have housing issues, socioeconomic issues, infrastructure issues; and yes, they are both not truly represented because their council people are located in the wealthy portion of their district.

One might ask why those areas don’t elect people who would actually represent their interests. It’s because no one can afford to run against those in the wealthier areas; something else the commission has said is a concern but in the long run won’t matter.

In the end it’s about politics just like everything else in this city. That is most evident by the number of times commissioners have talked about protecting sitting council people in their current district. It doesn’t matter what we “regular people” have to tolerate in our day to day life as long as council people are “protected”.

In the end politics will prevail as it always seems to and those who are underrepresented will continue to get the short end of the stick.