Where’s Kevin?

Apparently, Mayor Pro Tem Kevin McManus thinks that’s his only job now. Having received the “promotion”, he seems to no longer consider himself the sixth district councilman he was elected to be.

He has a standing invitation to attend the monthly meeting of Southern Communities Coalition, an umbrella group of neighborhoods and businesses in SE Kansas City; yet, he never attends. He’s also been invited to several special happenings on the SE side and has always had other things on his calendar.

A standing joke is that the mayor pro tem’s job is to participate in ribbon cuttings, something the “former” councilman is now somewhat adept at. For example, he participated in a ribbon cutting for new apartments in Martin City and another for Andy’s Frozen Custard in Waldo.

He did not, however, participate in the ribbon cutting for the new Price Chopper (the largest Price Chopper in KC) in Hickman Mills. It makes one wonder what’s really going on. Is he afraid to cross Blue River? Or does he simply think he’s too good for those living on the east side of his district?