Blue River Road Repairs Put Off Again (and Again)

When the City was campaigning to pass the GO Bonds back in 2017, the former city manager attended a Southern Communities Coalition meeting to spread the propaganda, so naturally I attended to see what he had to say. One of the questions asked was about Blue River Road. The group was told that it couldn’t be included in the first year of the bonds because there were too many pressing issues, but promised it would be included in the second year. It wasn’t.

Recently, four years later, the city council decided which issues would be included in the budget for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. Here begins the big lie.

The new city manager attended the April meeting of the Southern Communities Coalition and was also asked about the fate of the road. He responded that he had it on his agenda but “your city council representatives took it off”. Granted there was an article in the local free newspaper, The Martin City Telegraph, where John Sharp did his best to make everyone think Mayor Pro Temp (also sixth district representative) Kevin McManus fought for the road. While McManus may have initially spoken to the need for Blue River to receive funds, he did in the end give in.

So here we are in the fourth year of GO Bond-funded projects, two years after when we were promised Blue River Road would be taken care of. However, the City has voted on the issues to be addressed and Blue River Road is not one of them.

Councilwoman Bough was at the last (May) Southern Communities Meeting and was also asked about the road. Her unbelievable response was that currently it would take $24 million and there was only $23 million available so it was cut from the budget. Also, even though the Corps of Engineers has completed their coring (they drilled down 8 or 9 years ago); there is now, according to Councilwoman Bough, a question of what kind of rock is present. Apparently, there is some indecision on someone’s part whether it’s shale or something else even though there are numerous “outside geologic sources” which describe the makeup of the area and apparently the Corps’ findings aren’t to be accepted.

Why can’t our elected officials actually tell us the truth about what’s going on? Is it because they’re afraid of backlash? Do they not know how important Blue River Road is to those of us living in South Kansas City, or is it that they just don’t care? At least McManus made a show of supporting us. That’s more than I can say for Bough.