The Dereliction of Blue River Road

Probably not too many people caught the Southern Communities Coalition meeting last Wednesday night, which is too bad. The city manager was one of the guest speakers and revealed the level of the city council’s concern for Blue River Road.

The subject of Blue River Road has come up numerous times at community meetings over the past 15 years. Part of it has been closed for that entire time, and another part has been closed for something a bit less than that. South of Red Bridge Road, overdue for repaving, it is like driving a mine field. The city can’t even fill the myriad of pot holes correctly nor patch the long crack down the middle.

Blue River Road was once a beautiful, winding path through a large county park, and was a vital means of transportation for many who didn’t want to deal with highway traffic, congestion, or traffic lights. At one time it was an excellent way to unwind while driving home from work. It also provided an enjoyable outing for many bicyclists, especially on weekends.

The city manager was presented with these issues along with ways the City has wasted money while allocating a pittance to Blue River Road. He responded by saying it was on his work agenda, but unnamed city council persons told him to take it off. WHAT!!!!?

Maybe that shouldn’t be surprising though. South KC’s council representatives are rarely seen east of Holmes Road, and seem concerned only with the Red Bridge Shopping Center and Martin City. Back in the ’60s the City fought hard to annex the Hickman Mills area. Now one has to wonder why.

For some time, those in Hickman Mills believed in their hearts that no one at city hall cared about their issues. Now the city manager has confirmed it.