Cerner South Kansas City Hillcrest Road

Cerner has been in the news recently about its cultural and societal issues. Kansas City is in upheaval about previous civic and national figure’s morals in today’s society. We quote: “Cerner has no tolerance for racism and has taken significant steps in recent years to advance diversity and inclusion strategies.” Cerner wants to focus on only their employment practices. In South Kansas City, Cerner needs to focus on their community practices. Cerner forced the City with the help of former Councilman John Sharp to close Hillcrest Road, the main connector for residents to travel between 87th Street and 95th Street. Residents have to go out of their way to get on busy I-435 or travel to Blue Ridge Boulevard to do business on 87th or 95th. At Cerner North Kansas City Headquarters, Walker Road is not closed. All this grandstanding by politicians about holding dead people accountable for their sins is a waste of time. In South Kansas City we want economic justice for all people. Cerner needs to open Hillcrest Road up or build an outer road at their expense next to I-435 so residents can travel between 87th Street and 95th Street.