Your Tax Dollars At Work

The City Manager deserves a bit of credit. At a community meeting he was told how difficult it was to drive on Blue River Road because of all the potholes, including down the center of the road. He promised to have it taken care of and within a week the potholes had been filled.

That’s as far as the credit goes. Whether due to bad fill or not being filled properly, many of the potholes are now back. It has, once again, become very difficult to drive this section of road. Although, driving this obstacle course does cut down on speeding.

Of course, Blue River Road isn’t the only place this has happened. East Red Bridge Road is not in the best shape, either. That includes one axle-breaker of a pothole that can’t be avoided if there is oncoming traffic. It’s been reported and yet…

Then there’s Grandview Road south of Red Bridge. It’s becoming just as difficult to drive as before the potholes were filled; yet another obstacle course.

I’m sure there are many other areas of the city in the same shape. I don’t know when the City decided repaving all the roads on a rotating basis was a bad idea; but filling and refilling potholes has to be worse – and I would think more expensive in the long run.