6th District at Large Candidate Stacey Johnson-Cosby

Two meetings were held in south Kansas City this week that Stacey Johnson-Cosby had a major role in. The first was South Kansas City Alliance. Stacey is the President of this political club. South Kansas City Alliance is following its standard operating procedure: only invite one side of an issue—the side they favor—to present their position. The issue is the proposed Kansas City ordinance to require yearly city inspection of rental properties. This will be on the ballot August 7th. The next meeting was of the Center Planning and Development Council, of which Stacey Johnson-Cosby is Vice President. They had a special meeting to discuss a project for which Stacey, a real estate broker, is the listing agent.

Some observations: If you are an organization having a candidate forum, don’t invite Stacey Johnson-Cosby because she doesn’t believe in debate or discussion. Stacey made her candidacy official in January, yet she still is Councilman Scott Taylor’s Public Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) representative and a real estate broker. This all seems to present many conflicts of interest. Councilman Taylor wants to lecture the City Council on ethics. He might start with his own PIAC representative.