Response to Murders on Local Trails

Thank you to everyone who attended the Center Planning meeting on May 30th at the Trailside Center.

I’ve attached a copy of the Ordinance councilman Kevin McManus discussed at the meeting, as well as a Resolution regarding park safety meetings.

In addition to the ordinance, Kevin told us that additional cameras are being installed on the trail in undisclosed locations.

Captain Legg encouraged us to call 911 if we hear shots or see anything unusual. When you call 911 do not hang up until you talk with the dispatcher. If you do, the police have to come to your home to find out why you called, which takes the police’s time from going directly to the potential crime area. If you would like to report suspicious activity that happened in the past or that might be related to any recent crimes, you can also call South Patrol at 816-234-5550 to report any tips or evidence, or you can also call the main tips hotline at 816-474-TIPS. Any and all tips are extremely helpful to police.

Center Planning will be supporting Ordinance 170388 that will limit the hours in parks and trails. Make your voice heard by attending the Public Safety Meeting on Wed, June 7th at 10am at City Hall on the 26th floor. There has been opposition to this in the past, so it is extremely important that you either attend and voice your support, or call Alissia Canady at 513-6521. Ms. Canady is Chair of the Committee and will submit your support at the meeting.

Carol Winterowd, President
Center Planning & Development Council