Good Luck Lee’s Summit

KCPT is to be commended for their occasional programs dealing with local schools. You would think that guests on these shows would be experts in their field, yet Nick Haines, for some reason, includes Dr. Dennis Carpenter, the current superintendent of the failing Hickman Mills School District. In a recent show, the guests were asked what gives them headaches, and Carpenter responded with his usual claim that the students in Hickman Mills can’t perform, educationally, as well as those in more affluent districts.

That Hickman Mills can’t get accredited by the State is such a headache for Dr. Carpenter that he decided to pursue a cure through something called AdvancedEd. It would be interesting to know how much this cost the taxpayers, especially since it really carries no weight. In the District’s press release he stated:

It’s refreshing to have the district’s processes, systems and overall programming validated. This ensures that we are on track in terms of providing a holistic education of the district’s children validated.

Hmmmm. Not only does that last sentence not make sense, but you would think if it were true, they wouldn’t remain provisionally accredited by the State.

One also has to wonder if another source of his headache is the fact that he’s trying to hide something. Recently it has come to light that an email went out to all board of education members telling them they aren’t allowed in District buildings without an administrative escort. It seems he’s gone so far as having their ID badges deactivated. The truly sad fact of this is that he, as superintendent, is literally running the district, not the board of education which employees him.