Center Planning April Meeting

Center Planning and Development Council

Trailside Center, 9901 Holmes Road
Tuesday, April 25, 2017
7:00 pm

Parking access on south side of 99th St. Additional parking on the north side of 99th St
Park with caution. Or park in Gomer’s or Holmeswood Shopping Center on west side of Holmes


Center School District Panel:

Kelly Wachel, public relations director for the Center School District, is excited to share a panel presentation on the new “Center Impact Project” that seeks to pair intensive volunteer experiences with high school students at Center High School. The impact team is comprised of local churches, the South Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, Caring for Kids, Young Life, and others all collaborating with Center School District to help support academic achievement and attendance. We will have Dr. Sharon Nibbelink (superintendent), Mark Potter (community outreach coordinator at Colonial Presbyterian Church), and Leonard Davis (Young Life) here to explain the project and what it means for our community and our students.

Keep Out the Rain is coming to our area this summer — to the West Bannister Neighborhood, Valley View, Western Hills, Santa Fe Hills, and the Boone area. Some of you may have experienced sewer back-ups in your basement. This is a free program to help property owners find and fix connections that allow rainwater to enter the sanitary sewer system. Lisa Hummel, coordinator of the program, will be here to sign up residents and provide more details. You can also call for a sewer connection check-up by calling 513-0200. This is one part of the City’s Overflow Control Program.