Center Planning October Meeting

Center Planning and Development Council
Trailside Center, 9901 Holmes Road
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
7:00 pm

Additional parking available on the north side of 99th,
(please park with care), or across the street in Holmeswood Shops or Gomer’s Plaza.


Matt Killion, Area Engineer for MoDot will present future plans for the widening of I-435 from State Line to Holmes as well as changes to the interchange at Holmes. Also, he will tell us what MoDot is doing on Bannister Road from StateLine to east of Holmes in terms of resurfacing and sidewalks. Bannister Road is a State Highway.

A representative of the Mid-Continent Library will describe what will be provided with the increase in the levy that is proposed on the Nov 8th ballot.

Update on the 108th and Wornall project by Center Planning board member
(Most of the details are provided below.)

News Item

The rezoning of 108th & Wornall had a hearing on Oct 19th at 1:30pm at City Hall in front of the Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee. Several people from Center Planning & Development Council and Country Lane neighborhood were there to express concerns about the density of the townhouses on the east end of the property. (The senior cooperative is on the west end.) Thanks to those who went to City Hall yesterday (10/19) and to those who called our Council people.

The rezoning was approved and will go to the full Council for approval on Thursday, Oct 27th. Due to the opposition expressed, the following changes were made:

1) The east end has a lower zoning classification than the west end. The development plan that was approved has 33 townhouses. If the developer wants a greater density, he has to amend the development plan which requires starting all over in the approval process i.e. City Plan Commission, Council Committee and full Council.

2) Prior to Phase 2, the developer must submit a “traffic letter” from their engineer to the City Development Dept who will forward it to Public Works, who will evaluate the Wornall traffic patterns. (This is not a traffic study, per se.)

3) Project Plan: A project plan provides the details of the development plan i.e. elevations, landscaping, lighting, building materials, etc. Normally, the City does not send notifications about project plans, but in this case, an exception has been made. Whoever develops the east end will have to contact Center Planning & Development Council and the City will notify people within 300 feet of the project re: the date it goes to the City Plan Commission for final approval.

Additional information: Before a certificate of occupancy can be given, most of the 24 conditions attached to the zoning, have to be met. Refer to Ordinance # 160797.