South Kansas City Alliance?

As neighborhood activists, the South Kansas City Advocates receive meeting announcements from numerous groups, including from the South Kansas City Alliance (SKCA). SKCA meetings are not posted on our blog because this is a political group masquerading as a neighborhood and community group. As advocates for neighborhood issues we do not post meeting announcements for political groups, including Citizens Association, Freedom Inc, Taxpayers Unlimited (Firefighters), and many others; but rather opt to highlight groups with fair and balanced information.

Let’s look at the South Kansas City Alliance meeting on October 10, 2016.

The meeting tonight is to hear about the November 8th ballot issues. (As stated in their e-mails, their “goal is to learn more about them before we vote next month”.)

Our speakers include:

1. Jackson County Executive Frank White and COMBAT Deputy Director Vince Ortega, talking about the extension of the COMBAT quarter-cent county sales tax.

2. Steve Potter, Director and CEO of the Mid-Continent Public Library, talking about Proposition L which is an increase in the library property tax levy.

3. Rev. Robert Hill, community engagement coordinator of What U Can Do, speaking in opposition to Constitutional Amendment #6 to amend the Missouri constitution to authorize requiring current government-issued photo IDs to vote.

4. Derek Ramsey, Vice President, Realtor Advocacy & Commercial Division, Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors will talk about Amendment 4, meant to preemptively ban a sales tax on services.

5. Representative DaRon McGee talking about other statewide ballot issues.

6. Steve Rolling, Honorary Chair of Children’s Services Fund Campaign will speak on Question 2, Jackson County, to approve an 1/8 percentage sales tax to support children’s services.

7. Councilman Kevin McManus, 6th District, will discuss the 3 city questions on the ballot including Clay Chastain’s Light Rail proposal to be paid for by new sales taxes.

This is a presentation of ballot proposals where the audience will only hear one side of the issue; so I guess when SKCA says the “goal is to learn more”, that means learning more about one side, not actually hearing the pros and cons. This sounds more like an effort to brainwash the audience than to actually inform them.

We will soon discuss the people who control South Kansas City Alliance and their agenda.