Red Bridge Area Plan 1st Public Meeting, June 22, 2016

The City had the 1st public meeting for the Red Bridge Area Plan.  Over 100 people attended this meeting.  The City staff gave a short presentation discussing the boundaries of the Red Bridge Area Plan.  The three areas to focus on are: Land Use & Development, Demographics, and Transportation & Infrastructure for the data part of the presentation.  The final part of the meeting was the small group discussions in which three questions were presented:

a. What are the strengths of the Red Bridge Area?

b. What are your concerns for the future of the Red Bridge Area?

c. What are the opportunities in the Red Bridge Area?

Overall the meeting was productive with much input from the area’s people. There was one woman that had to be escorted out for disrupting the meeting. She lives by the new Cerner development, and she was protesting the closing of a road near there. The only other person who had a disrupting influence on the meeting was former city councilman John Sharp. He was at a table trying to defend his failed Red Bridge Shopping Center policies. John Sharp go home. You don’t live within the Red Bridge Area Plan boundaries. One last observation is the name of the area plan using “Red Bridge”; although it is part of the area, many other areas are just as important. Maybe a more inclusive name could be used.