The Powder Mill Bridge Dedication

I want to thank the South Kansas City Advocates for giving me this opportunity to contribute to their new blog focusing on South Kansas City. The Powder Mill Bridge is the last project that the 3 Trails Community Improvement District (CID) is contributing to and sponsoring. The 3 Trails CID was dissolved last year when Cerner showed no interest in continuing the CID. The 3 Trails CID was probably the first CID in Kansas City, the area was the old Bannister Mall. The main person responsible for the CID was Lou Austin. The CID truly did try to improve the area and work for the public benefit. Projects that the CID partnered with include the roundabouts on 87th St., planting trees on Hillcrest Road, many trails around the Bannister area, partnered with the Martin City CID for a comprehensive plan for trails in South Kansas City and finally the Powder Mill Bridge over I-435. The dedication of this bridge will provide a continuing and lasting reminder of the historical trails that went through South Kansas City. Thank you Lou Austin and 3 Trails CID for all the years of hard work for the public benefit.

Terrence Nash