Center Planning and Development Council Meeting May 31, 2016

Celebration & Stupidity

Red Bridge Shopping Center:
Discussion of the new tenants at the shopping center: Blue Bicycle already there, Euston Hardware to use half of the old bowling alley, and Sofi, an Italian restaurant in the old Bruce Smith drugstore. Truly a cause for celebration for all in the Red Bridge area. Lane4 and Brandon Buckley especially should be thanked for undertaking this difficult project.

Trailside Center:
According to the folks at Center Planning, the purchase of the Patrikio’s property was the celebration part of the recent meeting agenda. This can only be because they are so out of touch with the rest the district and city. I have recently received the Public Improvements Advisory Committee reports which show that $368,750 from 5th district and 6th district capital improvements funds for a total of $775,000 are going to be used for a parking lot. I find this just appalling. Red Bridge Homes Association has for years been trying to get sidewalks fixed and the curb fixed in front of Red Bridge Shopping Center. We have been told year after year there are no funds available. Councilman McManus, Councilman Taylor, Former Councilman John Sharp (PIAC representative for McManus), Stacey Johnson-Cosby (PIAC representative for Taylor) and Carol Winterowd (President of Center Planning) seem to have NO understanding of the condition of the basic public infrastructure in the Southland. These are the same people who will be in the future telling you to vote for a property tax increase and renew the capital improvements tax yet they show NO responsibility in how current money is spent. Their attitude is simply to spend money on amenities first and let basic repairs become major expenses. Kinda like what happened at Red Bridge Shopping Center. Who do think is ultimately going to be paying for the neglect?