Dysfunction, Dysfunction, Dysfunction

Some in the community may have been scratching their heads wondering how the Hickman Mills School District got to the point where it is one step above the Kansas City Public Schools. The answer is that very same community. Instead of actually taking an interest in who is running for school board and doing a bit of research, they just vote for names on a ballot. Since the city elections were combined with the school board election in April, I would propose that many voters go to the polls not even knowing they will be voting for school board members.

By not being informed, the community ends up with a dysfunctional board. That is no where better evidenced than in this letter. Not only have they seemingly broken the law, but by doing so they have maintained the superintendent’s voting bloc. This is the man who, in the three years he has been here, has not been able to raise test scores (though he basically blames the students for not being able to take tests using computers), thereby maintaining the district’s status as provisionally accredited.

Word has it that he is pursuing some “alternate accreditation”, though everyone except someone from Georgia and this particular board know the only one that counts is from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. That he thinks otherwise speaks to his knowledge of the system. That this board would go along speaks, not only to their inherent lack of knowledge, but also to their lack of leadership and sense of direction.

When incumbent board members, at a board member forum prior to the election, don’t know the difference between the Missouri School Board Association and the State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, I guess you can’t expect too much.

It’s time for the Hickman Mills community to show the same kind of commitment that the Lee’s Summit community has shown in seeing that their kids get a quality education.